The Alamo Executive Retreat


Retreat Pics - 2012- 5

In the heart of Lincoln County, let your guests be swept away by one of mother nature’s most breathtaking views of Pahranagat Valley. The Retreat stretches across 70 acres of grassland framed with mature trees and majestic mountain views. The Retreat features the amenities and life style that has earned accolades from members and visitors alike. The panoramic views of Pahranagat Valley and the geese pond create a picture perfect backdrop for any special occasion.

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The Retreat offers 19 rooms that can comfortably lodge up to 100 guests. We have a spacious banquet room that offers flexible space that is ideal for any setting. Our banquet room has glass doors that open onto our patio overlooking the geese pond and the valley. We also provide two additional private rooms that can accommodate up to 50 guests for private meetings or as a classroom. We also offer an outdoor meeting room setting with both low and high rope challenge courses.

Led by Master Chef Ron Nia, the Retreat’s culinary services present a broad range of choices in menu styles. Whether you are considering a wedding, reception, business dinner, luncheon, or corporate event we will be delighted to arrange a consultation with you and coordinate an event your guests will always cherish.dl338